• I designed this a couple years ago for my own mom (because we're going on 4 years now of a daily Wordle text thread) and I decided to make it available for all of you mother-child Wordlers.  Hope your mom loves it as much as mine did!

    - Inside says has a blank Wordle grid for you to fill out with your mom.  (I came up with the word in advance.  She penciled in her first guess.  I colored the letters green and yellow, etc.) - Single card with blank white pointed flap envelope - Savoy cotton paper - A2 size (4.25" x 5.5"), folded - Printed locally
  • Just thought these might be fun to do with your kids for Valentine's Day. I had fun with mine making the samples! Print on an 8.5 x 11 sheet of paper and get creative with fingerpaints (or we just used gouache.). Then fold down to A2 size.  Available in color or in Black and White in case you don't have a color printer.
  • Amanda Gorman blew us all away with her poem and the Biden/Harris inauguration. I had to letter some excerpts of it, and I know a lot of you loved these pieces on Instagram, but I don't have permission to sell the prints, so I am offering them as free downloads. This way no one is profiting off of her work, but we can all hang her words in our homes, or use them as our lock-screens or desktop art, for the ultimate inspiration at all times.
  • Happy Holidays to you!  I created these gift tags that you can download, print out and use for whatever you want.  All FREE!
  • Something that I read years ago that has stuck in my head as a small source of comfort after many losses is that some number of cells from every baby that a woman carries somehow travels up to her brain and stays there after the birth (or death) of the baby, and possibly for the rest of the woman's life.  So we literally carry a piece of all of our children with us, wherever we go, and wherever they are. Hence, this print.  I would love for any of you who are touched by it to do whatever you would like with it.  Print it and hang it on your wall.  Use it as a screensaver.  Or tuck it away in a box, like I have done with all of my ultrasounds, letters to my babies, etc.  Hopefully it helps in some way.

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