I have been asked more times than I can count to create a class teaching my block lettering, and I could never figure out how to teach it. It involves a lot of practice and repetition to get such a distinct and precise style into your muscle memory. But I finally realized exactly what I needed to do to teach it!

We created this extensive workbook so you could practice, and then print out again and practice again, and again. It comes with a video explaining how to use the workbook, along with some tricks and tips, and of course, a (very abbreviated) supply list, but you can really use any tools/pens/pencils you’d like. I’m so excited for you to try it!

Once you purchase, you will receive an email with links to download a 24 page workbook and 20 minute video. Feel free watch the video and print out the workbook as many times as you’d like.


As of now, the only place you can find an online class that I teach is through The Art Summits. It is a course on Envelope (and other) Layouts, but the Summits have SOOOO MANY classes – 37 courses, to be exact, ranging from beginner calligraphy, to watercolor florals, to digitizing, to finding your own style. We cannot say enough about the Art Summits – you get so much (including access to a private Facebook group which we believe is worth the price alone because of all the advice given) for basically the price of one in-person workshop. You can also now sign up for individual classes. See below for a few that I would especially recommend, or go here to see the full collection.


This is my class, filled with practical tips and tricks that will help you go beyond basic envelope addressing. From centering an address to writing on dark envelopes, and from laying out a menu to creating wedding signage, this lesson will push the boundaries of your creativity. Sign up here.


When I teach beginner calligraphy, this is the course that I essentially teach, but Younghae Chung is much more skilled in classical calligraphy! Called “the best class on Copperplate” and “the class that finally made it all click,” Younghae of Logos Calligraphy not only breaks down upper- and lower-case letters, but also covers posture and flourishing too! If you’re struggling to make your modern calligraphy look beautiful, you probably need to learn these traditional rules first. Sign up here.


If you’ve ever wanted to take your calligraphy or hand lettering and turn it into gorgeous prints, wedding invitations, or logos, you’ll love this class! Ashley Buzzy covers scanning, cleaning up your art in Photoshop, and using Illustrator to vectorize your lettering so it’s ready to share with clients or a print shop. Sign up here.


In this fun and totally unique class, calligrapher and stationer Katherine Ross shows you some techniques and exercises that will stretch your mind and help you think of your lettering in completely new ways. Sign up here.


Gouache paint is the secret weapon of most professional calligraphers – it can be mixed into any color and it works great on notoriously difficult papers. Artist and calligrapher Alissa Mazzenga explains when and where you might want to use gouache for your projects, and also walks you through her signature, flowy alphabet. Sign up here.