The original Modern Calligraphy Summit contains the only online course that we currently have out there. It is a course on Envelope (and other) Layouts, but that is only 1 of 9 courses ranging from beginner calligraphy, to watercolor florals, to digitizing, to finding your own style. We cannot say enough about this Summit – you get so much (including access to a private Facebook group which we believe is worth the price alone because of all the advice given) for basically the price of one in-person workshop. Sign up here.


Just like with the original MCS, the MCS 2.0 has so much to offer. We love that this one begins with a Beginner Copperplate Calligraphy course, because we believe that learning a traditional formal script is a great jumping-off point for any modern calligrapher. It also includes courses on digitizing watercolor illustrations, invitation design, and brush calligraphy, and much more. Again, huge value with the Facebook group and the added bonuses. Sign up here.


Because calligraphers often incorporate watercolor into their projects, we also highly recommend the Watercolor Summit. It’s set up similarly to the MCS with 8 courses including brush lettering, landscapes, florals, and painting light and air. We are enrolled and are so excited to learn from all these experts. Sign up here.  Also, there is now a Watercolor Summit 2.0, which teaches you all about gouache!  Gouache is actually what I use for almost all of my lettering when using color and it’s a fantastic medium to learn.  Get more info about this new Summit here.