As a little thank you to all of you who have supported me over the years, I created these super-cute hex gift tags that you can print out on your own and use for whatever you like.  I thought the “Cheers” tag was perfect for a gift of a bottle of wine, but it would be great to attach to a hostess gift for New Years Eve, or really for any occasion.  The “Love” tag is also pretty universal, while the two others are more specifically for the holidays.

I used a bit of a watered down white ink on a brush to letter these, and love how the variation in the ink is still visable in the printable.  You could almost pretend you wrote them yourself!  I won’t tell anyone!

Anyway, HAPPY HOLIDAYS!  It’s a little late to receive anything from the shop for Christmas day at this point, but we’re still around Monday – Wednesday of next week if you have any more gifting to do.

printable gift tags
To download the printable, just click HERE, and then print, cut, and you’re good to go!