A couple weekends ago, I hosted another round of calligraphy workshops.  I taught, as usual, a Saturday beginner class and a Sunday intermediate.  I have to admit that every time I plan a workshop, I get a little bogged down with the details and all the work involved (as I do everything, including shopping, flowers, decor, favors, set-up, and cooking (with some help from my mom who is a TROOPER)) and start to dread it a little, but once all is said and done with, I have such a great time teaching that I can’t wait to do it again.  It’s so fun to see someone pick up a pointed pen for the first time and learn to letter with it, or to expand someone’s practice in an intermediate class and watch them find their own style.  Plus, since my work is pretty solitary for the most part, a fun day chatting, laughing, and drinking champagne with a bunch of ladies (and the occasional dude) is such a nice change of pace.  Anyway – thought I’d share some pics from the weekend so you can see how much fun we have.
workshop set up
foodThe donuts might be my favorite part!  (Kidding…maybe.)
burning residue (This is the trick that I teach to get the chemical residue off the nib – I promise nothing illegal is going on!)
calligraphy practice
writing calligraphystudent

writing calligraphy

AnneHope to see you at a workshop soon!  You can sign up for my mailing list to be one of the first to be notified when enrollment opens, because they tend to fill up pretty fast.  Or continue to check my shop for new dates.