I often get so caught up in sharing all of the wedding work I do that I forget about sharing all the logos I am designing.  I really love this work.  It is a chance to work closely with clients who are very invested in creating a final product that they really love, since they plan on using it for years to come.  It is so rewarding to hear from clients who adore their new logos, and are so excited to use it for all of their branding.

Typically, the process is pretty straightforward.  Clients usually have something specific in mind, based on my lettering, and I create a few different versions of that vision.  Then we refine it by combining versions, deleting parts, adding elements, etc.  It usually takes a couple of weeks from start to finish, and then clients receive a vector file of their logo to use as they would like.  It is so fun to see what they do with it on their websites, business cards, and other collateral.

Here are a few recent designs.  Some show the logo in use and some are just the original black and white versions that I sent the client, since they have not yet been put into play.  I really love them all!

Moon Canyon Logo

Illustration for Moon Canyon logo by Jess Rotter

Archiverie Logo

Maison de Luxe Logo

Martin Brockett Logo

Kayla Vie Logo Crush Wrks Logo

Flower Child Logo