Charlie’s birthday kind of snuck up on me this year, and since it has been a busy and stressful couple of months, I decided at the last minute to throw together an “easy” movie party.  The kid is obsessed with movies, and I thought it would be a piece of cake to have some of his friends over, try out a “drop-off party,” and give them lunch and throw on a movie for them to watch.  But I have a little problem.  Easy is apparently not good enough for me, so I have to stress myself out and throw in some really crazy details that take me way too much time.  And of course I have to throw in some calligraphy.



Also, I thought that the kids needed something else to do, and realized it would be so fun (and perfectly fitting with the theme) to have my friends at Flipbooth come and set up a booth so the kids could make their own little “movie” books to take home with them.

The two biggest projects were the paper popcorn backdrop that I made for the Flipbooth and the popcorn cupcakes, for which I made about 4 million pieces of popcorn out of marshmallows.  I told you I have a problem.

Flipbooth with backdrop

Kids watching

Popcorn and popcorn cupcakes


Kids watching movie
Charlie and candles

After all the work was done, I was really happy with the way that everything came out, and it was a fun party.  While the movie didn’t quite capture all of the kid’s attention the whole time, the Flipbooth certainly did, and they had so much fun with all of the props and masks that they brought.

And yes, he’s only six and can’t really appreciate all the work that goes into these parties, but I’ll take that smile the next morning as he posed in front of the backdrop as satisfaction enough.

Charlie with backdrop