Grateful print

Since my holiday gift last year, the gold foil Cheers print, was such a success, I wanted to make another one to send out this year, and I hoped people would like it just as much.  I wanted another “phrase” that was holiday-ish, but also worked for the rest of the year, so that it could be something that people hung in their homes year-round.  I decided to use “Grateful.”

Grateful close up

I thought sending the “Grateful” print to my supporters and clients was so appropriate, because I am so grateful for the community that I work within and for the support all these people have shown me over the last couple years.  And although personally, I have been through a lot of struggle lately, and I sometimes like to feel sorry for myself, I am so grateful for the things that I do have, especially my one gorgeous child that I am so lucky to hug every day.

Grateful print packaging

Grateful print

So far, people seem to be loving their prints, and I am so glad.  I am really happy with how it turned out.  The copper foiling is so beautiful on black 11 x 14 museum board.

I have a handful left to sell – if you want one, you can purchase it here.

I also have a few Cheers prints left here if you still want one of those.