So by now this is old news, but since this is a new blog, I thought I’d share.  When I first got to LA, I got a phone call from a production company that wanted me to come in to meet with them and talk about doing credits for a film.  I had no idea what kind of film they were talking about – I assumed it was some small budget independent that may never be seen.

When I walked into the offices of Prologue Films, I realized that this might be a more legit movie.  I met with Danny Yount, the creative director, and he told me that they needed handwritten credits for the second Sherlock Holmes movie – A Game of Shadows.  We had a very brief meeting and I went back to my office to begin working on something to show them.  They loved it immediately and after a couple of rounds of revisions, my work was done.  Then they worked their magic on it to create the fantastic sequence that you see at the end of the movie.

A few months later, I found out that it won a TDC award for Title Design – pretty cool!

In NYC I did a lot of work in fashion – my clients included Calvin Klein, Ralph Lauren, Derek Lam, and Balenciaga.  I’m hoping that in LA, I will be doing more work for movies, commercials and television, since it’s pretty cleat that’s what drives this town.  You know, “when in Rome…”

See A Game of Shadows end credits