I don’t often have time to play around with different calligraphy styles and techniques, but sometimes, when inspiration hits, I start to play and I can’t stop.  These photos are of a bunch of different envelopes I did using a paintbrush.  Using a brush is really relaxing and comforting for me – it brings me back to high school, when I did a lot of painting in a lot of art classes.  It is very different than using a pen or nib, and it takes about 20 times as long to write a name, but the result is pretty nice, I think.

Here’s what is essentially my Rina style done with a brush:


And some totally new lettering styles:


This kind of lettering would be great for a logo or tattoo design.  Pricing on envelopes would have to be on the high side because of how long they take to do, but I’m hoping someone with an ample budget, or maybe someone with a small amount of envelopes, will fall in love with these, because I can’t wait to play some more.