• RBG Print Series

    Just trying to do my part to memorialize Ruth Bader Ginsburg - an incredible woman who never stopped fighting.  While we are still grieving, we must figure out how to fight even harder in her memory. – Digitally printed on thick, white cotton paper – 8 x 10 – Printed locally - 10% of profits go to Girls, Inc., an organization supporting a new generation of leaders.
  • Cozy up with this perfect sweatshirt. Or if you're feeling a little too warm, try a super soft, slouchy tee.  And if you have kids, they can now have a tee as well! Now everyone can keep a little RBG on/in their hearts. We all need a little comfort these days and RBG's words and face may be able to provide a bit of it.  25% of profit will go to Girls, Inc. ** Note that we have changed the quote on the back! New quote (on all items) says: "Fight for the things you care about, but do it in a way that will lead others to join you." ** - Printed locally - Heather grey Bella and Canvas sweatshirt (unisex sizing) with black screen printing - Heather grey Alternative Apparel t-shirt with black screen printing (women's) - Heather grey Bella and Canvas t-shirt with black screen printing (kids) (S, M, L, and XL are Youth sizes, 2T, 3T, 4T, and 5T are Toddler.)
  • We are so excited about these new thank you cards - they are luxurious, elegant and so, so pretty.  A small "Thank You" is foil stamped in rose gold in the upper left hand corner of pale grey paper, leaving lots of space for you to write your note.  And you can choose blush envelopes (which go so nicely with the rose gold) or white (which is classic and not as feminine.) - Set of 10 cards and 10 envelopes - Choose from white or blush envelopes - Rose gold foil - Printed locally - A2 size
  • Send Snail Mail! Show your support for the USPS (on your Hydro Flask, laptop, phone case, and of course, all your important snail mail!) with these cute stickers. - Pack of 5 - Approximately 3" x 1.5" each - Holographic stickers - Printed locally
  • I may be a little biased, but I think calligraphy tattoos are the prettiest tattoos you can get.   Whether they are a piece of a song lyric, your kid's names, or a word that holds special meaning or inspiration, they are classic and delicate so stunning.  When people hire me to design their tattoos, I am completely honored that they trust me to create something they will love for the rest of their life, and I take that responsibility very seriously.  I want you to love it just as much as you want to love it. -This listing is for 1 tattoo, up to 5 words. -You will receive 4 original digital options and then up to 2 revisions on the option you choose. -Final format will be PDF or jpg, which you can bring to your tattoo artist to size and transfer.
  • How beautiful is this quote from Toni Morrison's "Jazz"? We think everyone should "rise in love." - You download the file and print yourself in any way you like, or you can use it as a lock-screen or screensaver. - 10% of profits go to Girls, Inc., an organization supporting a new generation of leaders.
  • We Believe... Black Lives Matter, Love is Love, Science is Real, My Body, My Choice, and VOTING IS IMPERATIVE. (Also, a whole bunch of other stuff that is being threatened that doesn't fit on this sign, but you get the gist.) Display this sign in your front yard to remind people of what kind of household you are, and to encourage people to get out and VOTE in November.  We've made it easy for you to have this printed yourself (and avoid the high shipping cost) - just download the file and follow our instructions for printing.
  • This year, especially, has made me realize how fast our kids grow up.  Our lives have essentially been put on hold, but our kids still have turned another year older, graduated from preschool or elementary school (my two kids did both), and physically GROWN. SO. MUCH.  I'm attributing that last part to the 24/7 access to the refrigerator - my kids have not stopped eating for four months. This lyric from Elvis Perkins' song While You Were Sleeping just makes me weep a little - and I thought it might resonate with you as well. – Digitally printed on thick, white cotton paper – 8 x 10 – Printed locally
  • My new favorite acryonym is WTF - I know it's not technically a "new" one, but it seems appropriate for my life and this crazy world more and more lately, so I find myself saying it (and writing it) a lot.  And now you can send a WTF card!  There are just so many situations that this card works for.  And WTF has never been prettier - in almost neon (since you can't flat print in neon) watercolor.

    - Box of 6, with 6 blank white euro flap envelopes - A2 size (4.25" x 5.5") - folded card - Printed locally
  • These lovely brush lettered thank you cards are printed on the most luxurious double-thick cotton stock.  You can write over the "Thank you" for a fun graphic effect, or use the blank back for your note.  Choose from a white envelope with a printed XO flap or a plain blush envelope.  These would be perfect for thank yous for a shower or just to keep on hand for those every day needs. - Box of 10 - A2 size (4.25" x 5.5") - flat card - Printed locally
  • *This was originally conceived as a Mother's Day Card but we have gotten a few orders recently to send to essential workers during this pandemic and couldn't be happier about that use!* We don't realize how hard it really is to be a mother until we become one. That's what sparked the idea for this Mother's Day card. So send one of these to your own mom, send a bunch to your mama friends, who did/are doing it so well and who inspire you to be the wonderful mama that you are. Because mothers are the true heroes of the world, right? - Single or in a set of 4, with blank white square flap envelopes - Savoy cotton paper for card and envelope - A2 size (4.25" x 5.5") - folded card - Printed locally
  • Something that I read years ago that has stuck in my head as a small source of comfort after many losses is that some number of cells from every baby that a woman carries somehow travels up to her brain and stays there after the birth (or death) of the baby, and possibly for the rest of the woman's life.  So we literally carry a piece of all of our children with us, wherever we go, and wherever they are. Hence, this print.  I would love for any of you who are touched by it to do whatever you would like with it.  Print it and hang it on your wall.  Use it as a screensaver.  Or tuck it away in a box, like I have done with all of my ultrasounds, letters to my babies, etc.  Hopefully it helps in some way.

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