My workshops are always set up a little differently than most other workshops being offered now. I’ve found that in a 3 hour class we just can’t cover it all, so I like to offer this longer and more comprehensive format. The workshop will be 4 hours (10 am – 2 pm) and include brunch/snacks/drinks/probably donuts!! In the Beginner Workshop we learn the basics of pointed pen calligraphy. In the Intermediate Workshop we refine the basics a bit, work on developing our own style, learn some brush lettering, and work with white ink and color!  The only prerequisite for the intermediate class is knowing how to use the pointed pen, so if you sign up for the Saturday beginner class, you will be ready to roll right into Sunday. These are always such fun days and would be perfect for a birthday get-together, a bachelorette party activity, a girl’s day out, or just a unique thing to do!

Beginner Workshop
Saturday, February 8, 10 AM – 2 PM
Studio City

You’ll receive a package of beginner materials including nibs, nib holders, paper, and ink. Lunch is included.

Intermediate Workshop 
Sunday, February 9, 10 AM – 2 PM
Studio City

You’ll receive a package of intermediate materials including nibs, nib holders, many different brushes, paper, gouache and ink wells, and colored ink. (Supplies alone for this class are a value of over $40.) Lunch is included.

Combo: Beginner & Intermediate 
Attend the beginner and intermediate workshops.

Space is very limited, so sign up asap.