For the 2021 calendar, we chose OPTIMISM…. because sometimes you just have to stop complaining and start HOPING.  So we went full throttle with the rainbow theme, hoping that 2021 is THE RAINBOW AFTER THE STORM/dumpster fire of 2020.  It’s a gorgeous, cheerful calendar printed on super thick, lovely paper, and includes a sheet of rainbow-colored stickers so you can personalize it (in pretty watercolor lettering) with birthdays, vacations, me-time, etc.  We also made sure to include some space to write about what you’re grateful for, so it can be a source of reflection and joy in our lives, rather than being simply a thing of planning, business, and chaos.  And there is a space for notes or goals on each page, but again, it is meant to inspire more of a gentleness toward yourself, rather than pressure.  Make it a goal to do nothing one day.  Or a goal to connect with a friend.  We feel like those are the kinds of goals we need for 2021. It goes without saying that we think this is the perfect holiday gift.

– 8.5 x 11, with wire coil binding and integrated hanger
– Locally printed on 130# cotton paper
– Includes watercolor print with quote on the back, which can be cut off and framed/kept
– Includes separate sticker sheet with “Things to Look Forward To”