I have been toying with the idea of designing a calendar for years, but this year, when I realized it was going to be TWENTY TWENTY (and I loved the idea of writing that out in calligraphy) I knew I had to do it.  (I still sometimes write 1996 on my checks though, so there is absolutely no way I’m going to remember to write out 2020 in real life.)  Anyway, I have been fascinated with these abstract, flowy watercolors lately, so I decided to make them backgrounds for each month, and I also thought it would be fun to include a whole bunch of “Instagram holidays,” since I’ve never seen that before, and because sometimes it would be nice to be reminded so that I can post appropriately.  I really only included the ones that I thought were fun and appropriate through.  Maybe I just made the calendar for myself.  Who knows?!?

 – 8 x 10
– 12 tear off month pages and 1 cover page, backed with cardboard
– Printed on 100 lb cotton stock
– Locally made
– Binder clip not included