I’ve been keeping a huge secret for months, but today I can finally let it out!  I’m going to be at The Cream this Sunday, March 10th at Vibiana in downtown LA.  It’s a super-cool wedding showcase event, with a huge sampling of the most awesome vendors in town.  Check out the rest of the crop – pretty cool, huh?  Really, this is not your ordinary “bridal expo.”

I’m so excited to meet all of these people and see what they have up their sleeves.  As the new girl in town, I haven’t had the chance to meet most of the other Los Angeles vendors.

Check out the inspiration board they sent us.  The colors are emerald, mint, navy and gold, with a touch of ivory and wood.  You should see my office right now.  It looks like this mood board exploded!  I’ve been working on tons of new stuff using all these colors to display at the event.

Tickets are sold out (there will be over 800 people there!) but hopefully you’ve gotten yours already and I will see you there.  I’m so excited to show off my stuff and to see everything, and maybe to have a little nibble and a cocktail or two!

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Photo by Stephanie Godfrey Photography

Katie and Will got married last August at The Beach Club in Santa Monica.  The wedding was featured on Style Me Pretty a couple weeks ago, and it was so much fun to see how it all came together.  Such a beautiful, classic wedding.

(A little secret about me – I always wanted to get married on the beach, but it wasn’t my husband’s thing and we were offered the beautiful backyard of my mom’s best friend, so it never happened.  I loved, loved, loved everything about my wedding but whenever I see a beach wedding I get a little jealous!)

Photo by Stephanie Godfrey Photography

Photo by the bride

I worked with Katie and her mom, as well as with Jonathan Wright of Jonathan Wright and Company in designing the names of the bride and groom for the invitation.  They wanted something very classic and elegant, so we used my Erin style but bumped it up a notch with some flourishes.  The envelopes were done in a soft gold.  So pretty on the ivory envelopes.

Photos by Stephanie Godfrey Photography

Congrats Katie and Will!

See more photos of the wedding here.

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You can follow me on Twitter now – @annerobincallig.  I will be letting people know that new blog posts are up, and I will probably point out some Instagram pics of my work (since most of them are of my son!)  Still getting used to this crazy world of tweeting, but eventually I’ll be a pro.

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Just a little snap of a recent commission I did – a prayer done in a version of my Rina style.

Happy weekend!

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My son turned 4 on Monday (which I still can’t believe) and we had a little party for him in the backyard on Sunday afternoon.  But it didn’t feel so little leading up to it because I tend to go a little nuts on the invitations and the decorating and the details and the food.  But what do you expect from someone who does what I do for a living?  I have to get all creative, right?

The theme was fish, and it all started with the cake.  Back in July, I made a bear cake for a friend’s son, who saw it in Martha Stewart Living and became obsessed.  Charlie does not like chocolate and didn’t want anything to do with the bear, but saw the fish cake in the magazine and wanted that one.  I told him I would make it for HIS birthday.  Well, this kid doesn’t forget anything.  So since we were having a fish cake, we had a fish themed party.  Fish, fish and more fish.

I have to say I’m a little disappointed with the photos.  They’re not as good as they should be and there definitely are not as many as there should be.  But I’m going to give myself a pass since I was a little busy running around making everything look perfect in real life, and I think my camera is on the fritz.  Next year maybe I should hire a photographer!

So here we go.  First, the invite.  This part is the easiest for me – and it is fun to create invites like this when I am my own client.  I can do whatever I want.  I just played around a bit and inadvertently created a new style.  It’s different from any of the other styles I do and it worked really well here.


Then, because I wanted a photo-op for all the kids, I decided to create one of those stick-your-head-through-the-hole character boards.  (What are those things called?)

Then there was the signage and the favor bags and the games and the little details:

And the desserts – which just about killed me!  First, the infamous fish cake:

And fish bowl cookies and fish cake pops, (not to mention fish shaped brown butter rice krispie treats and Swedish Fish and chocolate Goldfish crackers, oh my!)

Whew.  I have to say I’m glad birthdays only come once a year.  But it was all worth it because he had a blast!


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I don’t often have time to play around with different calligraphy styles and techniques, but sometimes, when inspiration hits, I start to play and I can’t stop.  These photos are of a bunch of different envelopes I did using a paintbrush.  Using a brush is really relaxing and comforting for me – it brings me back to high school, when I did a lot of painting in a lot of art classes.  It is very different than using a pen or nib, and it takes about 20 times as long to write a name, but the result is pretty nice, I think.

Here’s what is essentially my Rina style done with a brush:


And some totally new lettering styles:


This kind of lettering would be great for a logo or tattoo design.  Pricing on envelopes would have to be on the high side because of how long they take to do, but I’m hoping someone with an ample budget, or maybe someone with a small amount of envelopes, will fall in love with these, because I can’t wait to play some more.

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It is not very often that I get to attend weddings that I have done calligraphy for.  This one was a rare exception.  And it was a good one to attend!  Stef and I have been friends forever. Literally. Our mothers became close friends in college and we were born on the same day! We grew up playing together at family get togethers, wound up going to the same college, and even lived in NYC at the same time.

Stefanie and Jonah got married at the Ojai Valley Inn last September.  The ceremony was beautiful and very personal, under a huge oak tree.  And the reception was in the Herb Garden at the resort – it was truly magical to sit under cascading plants and twinkly lights, eating delicious food and listening to speeches from the very close newly formed family.  Not to mention the band and the party – I may have had a little too much fun.

Stefanie has very simple and elegant taste, and she wanted understated, slightly casual, yet beautiful calligraphy.  We used my Amy style in a taupe ink, and the escort cards stood in trays full of lavender to echo the lavender in the garden.  I was happy to lend my hand for this beautiful event.

Congrats Stef and Jonah!

Photos by SDK Photo

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So by now this is old news, but since this is a new blog, I thought I’d share.  When I first got to LA, I got a phone call from a production company that wanted me to come in to meet with them and talk about doing credits for a film.  I had no idea what kind of film they were talking about – I assumed it was some small budget independent that may never be seen.

When I walked into the offices of Prologue Films, I realized that this might be a more legit movie.  I met with Danny Yount, the creative director, and he told me that they needed handwritten credits for the second Sherlock Holmes movie – A Game of Shadows.  We had a very brief meeting and I went back to my office to begin working on something to show them.  They loved it immediately and after a couple of rounds of revisions, my work was done.  Then they worked their magic on it to create the fantastic sequence that you see at the end of the movie.

A few months later, I found out that it won a TDC award for Title Design – pretty cool!

In NYC I did a lot of work in fashion – my clients included Calvin Klein, Ralph Lauren, Derek Lam, and Balenciaga.  I’m hoping that in LA, I will be doing more work for movies, commercials and television, since it’s pretty cleat that’s what drives this town.  You know, “when in Rome…”

See A Game of Shadows end credits

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HAPPY 2013!

Happy Lucky Number 13!  I, for one, am happy to say goodbye to 2012 and move on to a new year.

Also, I’m loving this neon orange/kraft paper color combo!  I think it’s going to be kind of a theme for me this year.  In fact, my new business cards are printing as I type.  I ran out of cards a couple weeks ago, so I decided to revamp my decade (plus) old logo and go for something with a little more pop color-wise.  Can’t wait to see them!

I’m also about to start on a new wedding envelope job using neon orange paired with a navy blue.  They’re going to look awesome – hopefully I’ll share when I get some pics of the whole suite.

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After many years of living and working in NYC, I have moved to Los Angeles.  I say it is “kind of” a new home because, firstly, I grew up here.  I moved to New York right after college to pursue dance, started dating my husband there, started Anne Robin Calligraphy when I got disillusioned with the whole dance thing, got married and had a baby, and rode it out for my twenties and into my thirties.  But it was time to come back to LA.  Family and weather beckoned, so here we are.

Secondly, it’s only “kind of” new because we actually moved a little over a year ago now.  But it feels new.  I still feel like a bit of an alien.  It’s a very different place than it was when I last lived here as a high school student.  And work here is definitely new.  I am still doing a lot of work for my NYC clients, but now I am also plugging into the LA calligraphy scene.  I am meeting new vendors, planners, brides, companies, etc.  I have even dabbled in some movie stuff (more to come on that) – how LA is that?

Also, I guess this blog is also “kind of” a new home.  I’m planning on showing off my newest work and ideas here, because I can’t update my website every time I do an awesome new job. Lots coming, so stay tuned…

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