When we went to NYC about a month ago our friends, (the unbelievably talented prop stylist Randi Brookman Harris and her husband Jacob Harris,) graciously offered us their apartment while they were out of town.

We walked in to find everything we could ever need labeled in Randi’s characteristic neon orange masking tape, Charlie’s name spelled out in bath toy letters, and this little note on the chalkboard wall in their kitchen:

(By the way, I NEED a chalkboard wall in my kitchen if and when we ever buy a house!)

Anyway, I couldn’t disappoint, and with the way the rest of the apartment was so fabulously decorated, it needed to be GOOD.  I mean check out this little slice of the apartment – I can’t even tell you how awesome the rest of it is!  (Oh, and check out the gratuitous photo of my super cute kid, of course.)

So I set out to letter the perfect thank you note.  I used a combo of block lettering and a swoopy script style, and considering I didn’t have any of my standard tools (ie. white charcoal pencils or a ruler) I think it came out pretty well.

Of course Charlie had to get in on the action, too:

We had a blast in our old stomping grounds, which, in large part, was due to our friends’ generosity and style.  Thanks again Randi, Jacob, Marlowe and (how did I forget?) Olive!