1  A wedding job on printed “watercolor” envelopes

2  Rina in white on black envelopes and belly bands

3  Chalkboard menus and place cards for a photo shoot

4  Neon escorts!

5  Simple, modern wedding envelopes

6  Finally able to put this kid to work!  (On an awesome splatter-paint job – more to come.)

7  My make-shift desk when I was on-site at Barneys in Beverly Hills

8  Tattoo designing

9  More neon!

10  Wedding envelopes in navy on gold


When I started this whole blogging/tweeting/social networking thing, I didn’t include my Instagram because it was mostly filled with photos of my kid.  But I have found it to be such an easy way to show off projects as I’m doing them, and so now my feed has a lot of pictures of my work (along with pictures of my kid – but it’s kind of nice to see all aspects of my life so you can really get to know me, right?)  Anyway, you should totally follow me.  It’s also a good way (along with Twitter) to know when I put up a new blog post (which has been super hard to do lately – hello wedding season!)