After many years of living and working in NYC, I have moved to Los Angeles.  I say it is “kind of” a new home because, firstly, I grew up here.  I moved to New York right after college to pursue dance, started dating my husband there, started Anne Robin Calligraphy when I got disillusioned with the whole dance thing, got married and had a baby, and rode it out for my twenties and into my thirties.  But it was time to come back to LA.  Family and weather beckoned, so here we are.

Secondly, it’s only “kind of” new because we actually moved a little over a year ago now.  But it feels new.  I still feel like a bit of an alien.  It’s a very different place than it was when I last lived here as a high school student.  And work here is definitely new.  I am still doing a lot of work for my NYC clients, but now I am also plugging into the LA calligraphy scene.  I am meeting new vendors, planners, brides, companies, etc.  I have even dabbled in some movie stuff (more to come on that) – how LA is that?

Also, I guess this blog is also “kind of” a new home.  I’m planning on showing off my newest work and ideas here, because I can’t update my website every time I do an awesome new job. Lots coming, so stay tuned…